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Ibel is next-generation software that helps you grow your business by providing a comprehensive suite of applications that digitizes, automates and streamlines all of your business activities. .

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A complete suite of business applications.


Easily create and send your invoices. Automate accounting entries and reports. Get a real-time, 360 ° view of your finances.


Speed up your sales operations. Create and send beautiful quotes in seconds. Track quotes and convert them to sales orders with one click.


Launch requests for quotes and calls for tenders. Automate orders based on stock. Control receipt of products and verify supplier invoices..

Stock management

Get real-time inventory visibility throughout the supply chain. Optimize your stock level.


Optimize your manufacturing and maintenance operations. Automatically schedule production orders and work orders.

Project management

Organize your projects. Define the steps. Schedule tasks. Work on tasks and problems. Control the deadlines. Optimize teamwork.

Point of sale

Simplify and streamline your in-store operations. Track your stock. Introduce in-store customer service to deliver an exceptional experience to your customers.

Customer relationship management

Attract and convert more leads. Manage your sales funnel effortlessly. Drive the engagement of your sales team.

Human ressources

Easily manage all your HR operations: knowledge sharing, recruitments, evaluations, timesheets, contracts, attendance, payroll, etc.


Create beautiful, professional-looking sites. Activate out-of-the-box business features with just one click; e-commerce, events, blogs, etc.

Team messaging

Work with efficient collaboration between employee, departments, geographies, documents and business applications.


Become a digital business and save time by recording your invoices, scanning your contracts as well as approving documents online.

Why should you use Ibel?

IIbel is a "dwarf sitting on the shoulders of a giant". Odoo has been evolving for more than 15 years supported by a community of more than 1000 developers. More than 50,000 companies use it to grow their business. Odoo has over 7,000,000 users.

Ibel comes with all the applications a business needs. The apps share the same database and work perfectly together, in the same environment. No more disparate software with scattered data!

At first, just install the apps you need. As you grow activate others. It is said that Ibel grows with you.

With its intuitive user interface, Ibel combines functional richness with ease of use.

Ibel is free. No license to pay. Ibel is open source. You can use it freely, study it, modify it, distribute it as is or with modifications.

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